Month: July 2013

Baby Girl N — Growing

I’ve had the privilege to photograph this little girl’s family, along with her birth, her newborn session, her 3 months’ session, and recently her 6 months’ session. [Ask me about my “First Year” Packages.]

Here are some images from her 3 months’ session as I didn’t have a blog then.

03-11-13 Nylah 3 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 076 e c5x7 vig_WEB.jpg
03-11-13 Nylah 3 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 092 e c8x10 vig_WEB.jpg

This time we went outside at a friends’ lovely home. She has some really beautiful antiques and landscape. Baby Girl N had a nap right before the shoot and was all smiles for me. Her smile can just melt my heart.

Now the hard part comes for her mom to pick her favorite images.

2013-06-19 Nylah 6 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 0176_WEB.jpg 2013-06-19 Nylah 6 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 0036_WEB.jpg 2013-06-19 Nylah 6 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 0016_WEB.jpg


25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We did a vow renewal ceremony with family and friends. I was able to pick my own dress vs. the dress that was given to me when we got married. My fantastic hubby paid for it–and agreed to do this whole “wedding” thing again even though it was a little more laid back than last time.

Instead of inside at a church, we were privileged to use a friend’s farm and have an awesome view of Pioneer Peak. The day was just gorgeous and God’s creation made for a gorgeous backdrop.

The Kiss - Kohler Photography_WEB.jpg

We had some pretty fantastic photographers. I would recommend them for doing weddings (I prefer newborns to doing weddings). Go to Kohler Photography and Simply Creative Photograhy’s Facebook pages and click “Like” to keep up with them and see their work. They both photographed the day and I was elated.

It was so odd …and freeing…not to have to worry about missing anything. I didn’t pick up my camera and shoot a single part of the day….well, not the main parts. (I took a picture of my girls before we got started with hair/makeup and then of just the two of us after everything was said and done.)

My friend, Robin Johnson from Regis in Wasilla, did a fabulous job on my hair and makeup …and did 5 of the girls’ hair and makeup too. I think they all had a great time, but you’d have to ask them.

My friend, Sonna, took over the food part and had it ready. What a huge burden was lifted that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. I had already purchased meatballs and BBQ sauce. She picked up potato salad and veggies for me and it was great.

I was introduced to a new friend, Roberta, and she did a fantastic job on our yummy cake. My daughter, Sara, did an awesome job at making the figurines that topped the cake (photos on another post or check my business page for other photos from the day–or the above photographers.) Plus we had candy we purchased from Eagle River Candy and Gifts before they went out of business. The kids and adults alike loved it.

Our long-time friend, Chuck, officiated the ceremony. He and I both thought that the other was going to script it out. So it was a bit more impromptu than I thought it would be, but at least I had thought about each of the elements that we included in this ceremony. I think it went pretty well nonetheless.

Beautiful day, beautiful memories, beautiful family and friends and well wishes and prayers. Thanks to all who came out to share the day with us. It was greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the following photos courtesy of: Kohler Photography and Simply Creative Photography.

Sara - Kohler Photography_WEB.jpg
Rings - Kohler Photography_WEB.jpg
Silouhette - Simply Creative Photography_WEB.jpg
Nancy sitting in grass - Simply Creative Photography_WEB.jpg
Dipped Kiss - Simply Creative Photography_WEB.jpg