Month: November 2013

Announcing: Vintage Sessions

I have been collecting vintage/old fashioned items for a little while. I’ve wanted to offer a fun session for kids of all ages. It’s fun to dress up and do something different. Smiling is not required either. 😉

From indoor to outdoor beauty. These sessions are sure to make you smile and bring a bit of nostalgia into your home.

Contact me this week to receive a print credit with your session. First 5 only. Enjoy these promotional shots.

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0050-2_WEB.jpg
2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0093-3_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0099_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0102_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0111-2_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0138-4_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0143-3_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0128-2_WEB.jpg


Beloved Session – Introduction

Without even thinking about the lady behind the camera, Miss A flung her arms open repelling all of her family members. Then as quickly as they were repelled, she hugged herself tightly. This brought them all running back to her with lots of laughter and group hugs.

2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0042_WEB.jpg

Thoughts flooded in…wondering what life would be like without this wonderful person in front of them. Holding back the tears, Dad told Miss A just what she meant to him. Then it was Miss C’s turn.

2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0654 BW_WEB.jpg

2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0663 BW_WEB.jpg

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Beloved is more than just a photo session. But instead of me (Nancy) telling you what it’s like, I’d like to introduce you to my first Beloved muses: Mr. B, Mrs. A, Miss A, and Miss C. They will relate their experience in their own words. Enjoy as you get a glimpse of the Beloved Session.

 “Participating in the session made me feel like we were just having fun and hanging out and not taking a photo shoot.  I would be likely to recommend Wold’s Photo Arts’ Beloved session to friends or family because I had a lot of enjoyment and I felt closer to the family. ” – Miss C

“It made me feel really happy and I had a lot of fun. You did a really good job of getting everyone involved and having fun. I think you should do this more often.” – Miss A

“It was very fun and relaxed.  I think some of that came from having a shoot with you earlier in the month but I enjoyed the situational questions that caused us to forget we were being photographed. Overall, I think the sessions made us feel closer together.  Most of the questions and situations were things we think of regularly but never verbalize.  This session gave us(me) an opportunity to tell the family some deep important things.” – Mrs. A

“The session captured our family’s connection to one another. Much of the time throughout the session was spent physically touching, looking, or talking with one another. In contrast to a traditional sitting either in a studio or even in the outdoors where we were posed in some fashion, the Beloved shoot was more natural. I personally loved the concept behind the Beloved Session and would strongly recommend it to many of my friends. It is much more than a photo shoot. It is a way for families to see, from the outside in, how much joy can be had together. ” – Mr. B

Here are some visual reasons why I LOVE Beloved Sessions (could be called “Blessed” or “interactive” or “Carefree” photo shoots.) Enjoy!

2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0122_WEB.jpg

2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0677 BW_WEB.jpg
2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0556 BW_WEB.jpg
2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0594 BW_WEB.jpg
2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0688 BW_WEB.jpg
2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0706 BW_WEB.jpg
16x20 print_WEB.jpg

Beloved Session: Being photographed for approximately 1-1.5 hours where you will participate in various “invites” or activities. No sneak peeks that night. An ordering session will be scheduled when initial products arrive. Photos will be revealed in the comfort of your own home.

To book your Beloved Session or for more information, contact me (Nancy) at HYPERLINK “” today.

2013-10-12 Beloved Mayer-WoldsPhotoArts 0393_WEB.jpg