Month: August 2013

Family Camp 2013

Up by Big Lake is a camp where we go each year for Family Camp over the 4th of July. Camp Maranatha can be rented for use for family camps, retreats, kids & teen camps, and other events.

There are cabins that are more for those roughing it–no heat, no indoor plumbing, but you don’t have to set up a tent. They do have restrooms complete with shoers that you can share. You can also rent rooms in Langley Lodge complete with heat and your own personal bathroom.

The facility includes also a playground, a volleyball pit, plenty of room for hiking around, a ball field for ballgames and/or shooting range, a lake for swimming, canoeing, and other water sports. There are separate buildings for the dining hall and the chapel which also can be used for indoor games plus a game room that has foosball and ping pong tables.

My kids love that it’s relaxing and has a lot to offer. Enjoy the following images of our time there. (If you went to Family Camp and would like to receive a disk, contact me on Facebook and we’ll make arrangements.)

2013-07-05 Fri Family Camp-WoldsPhotoArts 0'053_WEB.jpg 2013-07-03 Wed Family Camp-WoldsPhotoArts 0'012_WEB.jpg 2013-07-04 Thurs Family Camp-WoldsPhotoArts 0'013_WEB.jpg 2013-07-04 Thurs Family Camp-WoldsPhotoArts 0'104_WEB.jpg