Month: September 2012

Monday Madness

I really never saw myself as one who would write a blog.  But when there was a contest to win a makeover for my smugmug site to better show off my photography and galleries, I thought, “Why not?”  The place that would have templates for my site is called Fastline Media.  They will also integrate your blog into your website.  But one must first HAVE a blog before you can integrate it into the website.  So after Oct 4, we’ll see if I’ve won or if I’ll be purchasing their services!

This would be a place for me to relate to you about my experiences of taking family or individual photo shoots.  I’m excited for the upcoming fall photo shoots–some family, some maternity, and some relatives.  I look forward to meeting new people, put into practice the recent training I’ve been doing and to basically have a LOT of FUN doing it!!  I love being silly–even with the adults who might find me a bit odd.  If it gets them laughing and having fun, then it’s a great experience for everyone.

Not sure where this blogging journey will take me…but HERE WE GO!!  But for now, I’ve gone mad on this Monday and started my very first blog post!  🙂