Announcing: Vintage Sessions

I have been collecting vintage/old fashioned items for a little while. I’ve wanted to offer a fun session for kids of all ages. It’s fun to dress up and do something different. Smiling is not required either. 😉

From indoor to outdoor beauty. These sessions are sure to make you smile and bring a bit of nostalgia into your home.

Contact me this week to receive a print credit with your session. First 5 only. Enjoy these promotional shots.

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0050-2_WEB.jpg
2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0093-3_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0099_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0102_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0111-2_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0138-4_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0143-3_WEB.jpg

2013-11-11 Vintage Sara 0128-2_WEB.jpg


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