Month: February 2014

Top 5 Favorite Things about my New Colorvale Planner | Wasilla AK Photographer

Wasilla AK Photographer – Maternity | Newborn | Family | Senior | Beloved

Just received my new photographer’s planner by Colorvale and I’m SO EXCITED to get my workflow, my goals, and more organized in my business. For more details about it and for ordering of this planner, please go to: Colorvale – Photography Planner


I wanted to list 5 of my favorites for your consideration. Not in any particular order.

1. Thoroughness –Stacie from HYPERLINK “” has thought of all the things that pertain to a photographer’s business. There are monthly calendars that are separated with heavy-duty tabs that you can decorate or write goals on to see each time you go to that month. The months are not filled in so you can start at ANY month that you purchase it and go forward from there for 12 months.


2. Quality—The quality and care put into the planner is incredible. The book is a nice thick size to accommodate all the wonderful pages inside. I was totally impressed with the feel of the covers. It’s not just a standard cardstock page. And the pages are heavyweight and will hold up under lots of use and abuse. It’s a very nice ring-bound planner. I love it.

3. Organization – The planner in organized in such a way as to make sense with your monthly workflow/planning and goals. You see your goals for each category right after the tab, then it goes into monthly calendar. Client workflow then daily planning and client info to follow those with several pages for notes.


4. Cover Options – I love that I had a choice of 3 different cover options. Black and can be applicable to men or women who like to be creative on their covers. The other 2 are more for a woman. I choose the beautiful Black & White Floral. I believe the other one has been sold out.

5. Personalization – The many places for you to personalize it—goals, month dividers, workflow, fill-in pages and more. You could even add a pocket to the divider for receipts or photos.

It’s a wonderful tool to keep you organized.


I actually purchased both the digital format and then the bound version. I would recommend just buying the ring-bound version and having it altogether for you. Colorvale also has other products available in their shop that include (but are not limited to): Photoshop Actions, Desktop Organizer, Card Templates, Documents, Photo Templates, Overlays, Checklists, Accounting, Overlays, Lightroom Presets, and more.