Baby Girl N — Growing

I’ve had the privilege to photograph this little girl’s family, along with her birth, her newborn session, her 3 months’ session, and recently her 6 months’ session. [Ask me about my “First Year” Packages.]

Here are some images from her 3 months’ session as I didn’t have a blog then.

03-11-13 Nylah 3 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 076 e c5x7 vig_WEB.jpg
03-11-13 Nylah 3 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 092 e c8x10 vig_WEB.jpg

This time we went outside at a friends’ lovely home. She has some really beautiful antiques and landscape. Baby Girl N had a nap right before the shoot and was all smiles for me. Her smile can just melt my heart.

Now the hard part comes for her mom to pick her favorite images.

2013-06-19 Nylah 6 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 0176_WEB.jpg 2013-06-19 Nylah 6 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 0036_WEB.jpg 2013-06-19 Nylah 6 mo-WoldsPhotoArts 0016_WEB.jpg


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