Getting Real

Sometimes I find that I too often compare myself to other photographers. I know that I still have to work on improving my skills. I know that I’ve not arrived either. But I also know that I have come a long way. With time and experience, I’ll keep moving forward. I used to fret about how much or how little business I had in a week or a month (especially compared to photographer friends). But whether I have 2 people or 10 people for a mini-session, whether I have booked 20 people in a month or one, I know that my God will supply all my needs. He knows what I need to keep my business afloat (workshops, equipment, website, domain names, marketing materials taxes, and of course, clients).

12-13-09 Yost 015 Edit 2 MERGE lighten_WEB.jpg

I just had to stop comparing myself to what other photographers’ businesses looked like. I’m not that person. I’m me {Wold’s Photo Arts}, wife, mother of 7, homeschool mom, daughter of the Most High and so much more. God has truly blessed me with wonderful clients–and repeat clients at that–plus referrals. How awesome is that!?! And when it comes down to it, when I’m with my client and photographing their session, I’m not thinking about what other photographers are doing, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with them–being silly, having fun.

I’m stopping time, as it were, with photography–this passion God has given to me. I was hired to commemorate this moment in their life. I’ve gotten to see babies born, children grow, kids turning into teens, teens graduating, young couples and parents who watch all of this in love.

08-20-11 King Photo Shoot by N Wold 170 crop 5x7_WEB.jpg

I truly am blessed with what God has done for my business, how He has brought people into my life to help me (with the technical, the business, or the encouragement stuff), and how He continues to bring me just what I need for that time. Feeling very humbled.

Luke 12:22, 31 – “Then Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear… But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.’ ” (NIV 2011)



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