A Tale of Two Photographers

Where does one begin? You have a seasoned photographer on one hand and a small business start photographer on the other.

I had just gone into business when I asked David Jensen Photography to photograph my son’s graduation pictures. Since my son had requested that I take his senior photos, David gave me the opportunity to step in and photograph my son at a couple of the locations [while he photographed me photographing my son which were added to his album]. I wanted to get a sense of how David works with seniors and to experience the whole process for myself (from the other side of the lens).

312  DJP17526_WEB.jpg

Below are ones I took that day.

08-30-10 Samuel Sr Portrait 022 edit_WEB.jpg

And ones I’ve taken this year.
2013-08-01 Nick Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 0002-2_WEB.jpg

Fast forward about 3 years later. I received a phone call from David Jensen asking if I would be interested in 2nd shooting a wedding with him. Words cannot express the honor I felt at being asked. The terms were set forth for this collaboration, and he gave me time to think about it.

After taking some time to make the decision, I gave him a call and was given the details of the timeline for the day. David is a caring and soft-spoken man. He made sure the bride was comfortable and gave her tips on how to make her day even better. He is very easy going and was a pleasure to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the wonderful couple, their family and friends. I was very blessed.

I must say, that I prefer 2nd shooting over main shooting a wedding and would jump at the chance to do it again. David gave me a report from the bride before she even saw her images that she was thankful that David and I took the time and care that we did to make her day even more special. She was glad that I was there and the encouragement I gave to her while we were waiting for her to walk down the aisle. Yay for team work!!

Thanks again to David for considering me for 2nd shooting the wedding. Here are just a couple of images that I’m willing to share that were captured that day.



One comment

  1. Great blog post, Nancy! I’m so glad for you to have had this opportunity — praying for many more co-photog events for you. What a blessing!

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