Calling All Seniors – Class of 2014

It’s your senior year. You just want to enjoy this final year of high school. I would love to meet with you and go over what makes YOUR senior year and what makes YOU unique. Is it sports? Is it extra curricular activities? Do you want to be photographed in the great outdoors? These are some questions that we would address to customize YOUR senior session to fit your personality.

Take 15% off or get $50 print credit when you book/take your session in July–be it for high school OR college graduation. I can be contacted on Facebook, by phone or email.

03-19-12 Ben Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 148 sepia antique wm_WEB.jpg 03-21-12 John Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 071_pp_WEB.jpg 03-21-12 John Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 242 c5x7_WEB.jpg 11-29-12 Morgen Sr Pics 2-WoldsPhotoArts 055  c5x7 vig_WEB.jpg 03-12-13 College Grads-WoldsPhotoArts 083_ppe c5x7 BW vig wm_WEB.jpg 09-24-12 Katrina Sr Photos-WoldsPhotoArts 8126 gypsy_WEB.jpg


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