Graduation – Congrats, Class of 2013

Graduation is a time to reflect on what others/yourself have accomplished. It is a time to see how your first baby girl has grown to be a young woman and wonder where all the years have gone. I think it can be hard for parents, well, speaking for myself anyway, because we wish we could go back and reclaim some of that time to do it over with these children of ours.

But as a parent, I also gush on how much my daughter (this year) has accomplished in these years in school. Feels like only yesterday she was bringing me dandelions and drawing stick figures with no necks and round bodies. Now she’s drawing commissioned work for others and being paid for the talent that God has given her.

2013-05-15 Katrina Graduation 0045.jpg

We celebrated the graduations of many of her friends this month. Alaska has graduations and end of the school year in May as our summers are short. Even though this year we had snow the day before and day of my daughter’s grad party. But the hearty Alaskans that we are, didn’t stop others from coming out and celebrating with us.

09-24-12 Katrina Sr Photos-WoldsPhotoArts 7424 BW 5x5.jpg

09-24-12 Katrina Sr Photos-WoldsPhotoArts 7477 mademoiselle.jpg

09-24-12 Katrina Sr Photos-WoldsPhotoArts 7036 b&w.jpg

If you’d like to have Senior pictures taken, please contact me about scheduling a consultation with you. I’d love to work with you.

11-29-12 Morgen Sr Pics 2-WoldsPhotoArts 003 c8x10 vig.jpg
01-30-13 Levi Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 074_pp c5x7 BW vig.jpg
03-19-12 Ben Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 148 sepia antique.jpg
11-29-12 Morgen Sr Pics 2-WoldsPhotoArts 086 c5x7 BW vig.jpg
03-21-12 John Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 170_pp c8x10.JPG
01-30-13 Levi Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 121_pp rc c8x10.jpg
01-30-13 Levi Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 220_pp c5x7 h vig.jpg
01-30-13 Levi Sr Pics-WoldsPhotoArts 194_pp c8x10 vig redo.jpg


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