Month: April 2013

Many Months Later

I’ve been busy with photographing the last few months that I’ve missed posting any blog posts. 

Had a great time in October and November doing family portraits for Christmas photo cards and their own personal décor.  I was privileged to work with some new families that I had not photographed before.  Thank you all for that opportunity.

January brought the new year, 2 of my children’s birthdays, and a renewing of my business. 

  I’ve been honored and blessed to photograph newborns.  It’s my favorite type of shoot.  They are so sweet, cuddly, sleepy, and lots of emotions to be found when holding those bundles of joy.  Adorable!!  Miracle of life just amazes me.


March brought my sister-in-law’s wedding in Fairbanks to open it and my in-law’s visiting to close it.  Can’t believe that April is half over already.  Where DOES the time go?


Well, just a short update.  Until next time!