Before Deployment

I finished up editing and uploading the photos for this beautiful family. Dad is heading off for a deployment. They wanted to get some family photos before he left. They also wanted to try to get some snow in the photo and maybe some mountains.

2013-04-12 Nall Family Photo Shoot 006.jpg

Since we are surrounded by mountains in this area, that part wasn’t going to be too difficult. Low and behold, the snow part wasn’t difficult either. We had a SPRING snow! We had to change locations as all the available spots I normally use at Hatcher’s Pass were covered in many feet of snow. We changed it to Beach Lake in Chugiak and it was absolutely gorgeous that day. Still a bit chilly, but beautiful nonetheless.

We had some great laughs, walked around to different areas to shoot but coming back onto the lake for the fantastic mountain views.

Thank you, Nall family for allowing me to capture this special time in your life. My prayers go out to you all as you are separated. May God bless and protect you!

2013-04-12 Nall Family Photo Shoot 090.jpg


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